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Help us improve your experience by providing feedback on this. With more emerging adults having casual sex, researchers are exploring psychological consequences of such encounters. By Justin R. Massey, and Ann M. This feature will provide you with updates on critical developments in psychology, drawn from peer-reviewed literature and written by leading psychology experts.


Americans vary widely in the of sexual partners they report over a lifetime. Few never have sex, while a non-trivial report sex with only one person: those who have had only one sexual partner comprise 16 percent of adults ages On the opposite end of the spectrum, very few people report high s of lifetime sexual partners: just two 2 percent of heterosexual 37 women and three 3 percent of heterosexual men report having had more than 50 opposite-sex sexual partners, while two 2 percent of self-identified lesbian women 38 have had over 50 female partners.

Thus, the experience of large s of sexual partners is uncommon for the vast majority of the population. The exception to this is self-identified gay men. Indeed, 30 percent of gay men report over 50 male sexual partners in their lifetime. The median heterosexual man or woman age reports somewhere between four and six opposite sex partners in their lifetime.

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Lesbian women, too, report about the same of partners. Meanwhile, the median gay man has notably more partners—reporting between 16 and 20 same-sex sexual partners to this point in their lifetime. While sexual orientation is predictive of the gender of sexual partners, it is by no means deterministic.

A notable share of lesbian women 70 percent and gay men 30 percent who report attraction exclusively to members of their own sex also report having had at least one opposite sex sexual partner in their lifetimes.

The reasons for this are being debated, no doubt, but it is clear that it should not be assumed that sexual orientation indicates exclusive sexual contact, especially so for sexual minorities. As such, public health officials are taking note that ificant percentages of lesbian women may at some time face public health risks such as unplanned pregnancy or certain sexually transmitted infections that are more commonly passed in opposite-sex sexual contact.

The of these estimates are those displayed in the corresponding figure. All Rights Reserved.

Questions, media inquiries, and comments should be directed to our research team. They can be reached by at research austin-institute.

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If you find this information interesting and helpful, we also invite you to visit our websitelike us on Facebookor share stories on social media. How many people have Americans had sex with? Figure 8. Next: How many Americans have experienced nonmonogamy, or overlapping sexual relationships?

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Just how religious are Americans? Do people still believe in life after death? Are religious people happier people? Relationships and Sex What share of Americans identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual?

Nearly 1 in 3 young men in the us report having no sex, study finds

How often do Americans have sex? How many Americans have experienced nonmonogamy, or overlapping sexual relationships?

How much pornography are Americans consuming? What predicts masturbation practices? How common is premarital sex? Domestic violence: when given the chance to self-report, what do people say? Who self-reports sexual assault?

Who thinks of leaving their marriage more—men or women? What reasons do divorcees offer for leaving? Family Attitudes Is marriage outdated?

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What are Americans attitudes about relationship issues? Is no-strings-attached sex OK? Is cohabitation a good idea for couples considering marriage? Should couples stay together for the sake of the kids? Is marital infidelity still off limits? Should same-sex marriage be legal? Are Americans open to polyamory?

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Sex and the Single Girl is a non-fiction book by American writer Helen Gurley Brown , written as an advice book that encouraged women to become financially independent and experience sexual relationships before or without marriage.