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As a woman who loves the great outdoors, there are a handful of gifts that I would absolutely love to receive this holiday season!


For outdoor lovers, no gift is better than the opportunity to get outside. However, when it comes time to choose a present for your outdoorsy friends and family, the best gifts are those that make being outside for long stretches of time easier and more comfortable. Hydration is a very important part of staying healthy while outdoors, as hours in the sun and can really dehydrate you. To keep water ice cold, a Hydro Flask water bottle is the perfect adventure companion.

Hydro Flask boasts that its bottles keep water cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours…definitely enough for a cold morning or a full day out on the trails. Having access to clean water while outside is a must, so a water purification system is one of the most helpful gifts for outdoor lovers that you can give.

Many people who go outside often, especially at higher altitudes, need warm baselayersand they make for some of the most practical outdoor gifts out there. For outdoor lovers, there are few things as versatile as a Buff. A Buff is great to wear as a scarf, to tie hair back, or to protect your face from dust and wind. Sometimes, the best times to be outdoors are in the early morning and late in the afternoon.

Cheap gifts for outdoor lovers on a budget (under $25)

Truly the only item that someone needs to get out on the trails is a good set of shoes, and a waterproof set of hiking boots is the perfect companion for an intrepid hiker that loves to be outdoors, rain or shine. Keen waterproof hiking boots are durable and waterproof, with thick tre and fabrics that will keep your feet safe and dry, no matter the conditions.

They also come in styles for both men and women. One of the most useful gifts for hikers is a pair of high-quality, polarized sunglasses to keep their eyes safe and protected while exposed to the sun. Every hiker knows that conditions in the mountains can change in an instant. The North Face Venture Jacket for women and men is a versatile, waterproof jacket for rainy and wet hiking conditions. When paired with a rain jacket, it can keep your adventurer warm even in light snow!

Often for outdoor adventures, people need to carry gear, water, snacks, and extra clothing. Having a day pack that feels comfortable and distributes weight evenly is absolutely critical. Osprey day packs are hands down the best and more durable option for day packs — we recommend a size between 18 and 30 liters for daytime adventures.

In addition to a day pack, another great outdoor gift is a weatherproof, waterproof day pack cover. A towel can come in handy on any hiking trip. Youphoria Outdoors makes an affordable quick-dry microfiber towel that comes in a lot of fun colors and is perfect for shoving in your bag on the way out to the trails. Give one pair or a few for an extra special outdoor gift!

Wool socks with mountains on them, duh. Outdoorsy people love to show off their love for the mountains, and these Darn Tough Yeti wool socks will surely come in handy on the slopes and trails, and is one of the most relevant gifts for outdoor lovers. Often, regular bug spray can be oily, greasy, or uncomfortable. This spray is light and fabric-friendly, meaning you can spray it on any clothing to make it bus-resistant.

Sunscreen is another must-have for any outdoor lover to protect your skin from the harsh UV rays of the sun. Carabiners are literally the most useful and versatile item for hikers. Use them to strap things on your bags, to your pants, or onto trees. The best, most useful trowels are lightweight and have a small loop to hook to the outside of your backpack with a carabiner!

How do kids benefit from outdoor play?

This hiking trowel is a great, inexpensive gift option for the serious hiker. In colder or windy conditions, a beanie is one of the most practical gifts for outdoor lovers because it can help keep them safe and warm. While only really relevant for colder climates, a good pair of gloves can help hikers stay outdoors later in the season, and in higher altitudes where the air tends to be chillier and windier. Well, for people who spend a lot of time outside, a gift like this is totally welcome, because those shoes get muddy, damp, sweaty and downright disgusting somethings.

Scented Sneaker Balls are an inexpensive, kind of hilarious option for a stocking stuffer or gift for your favorite outdoor lover. For people who spend lots of time in the water, a waterproof phone case is an easy and affordable gift that will go a long way.


This case can protect a phone in the event of immersion in the water, and has a strap that users can clip onto a life jacket or a kayak for easy access. Plus, Valerie is a friend of ours and is an expert on the space tourism world over on her blog, Space Tourism Guide! Jon Krakauer documents this bittersweet tale about a suburban young man who hitchhikes across country and travels to Alaska to embark into the wilderness alone. Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer is one of the most famous outdoor books out there, and is a stark reminder of the sheer force and power of nature vs.

For a great fireside book or a read for the hammock after a long day on the trails, A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson is a quintessential read. There are few novels in the hiking genre than Wild by Cheryl Strayed. This popular hiking novel is a classic, especially for adventurous female hikers who are looking for an emotional and physical journey through the Pacific Crest Trail with renowned author Cheryl Strayed. A swimsuit is a must for anyone who loves the water and especially the outdoors, and is one of the best gifts for outdoor lovers.

Here are our recommendations for swimsuits:. Water sports lovers will need a bag to put them in. Instead of a traditional canvas backpack, we recommend packing stuff into a dry bag, which will keep valuables dry and safe in the water. Dry bags come in lots of shapes and sizes, but the best ones have a top that rolls up and buckles to keep water out. We strongly recommend a waterproof dry bag as a gift for kayakers, canoers, paddle boarders, and swimmers! A helmet can come in handy for a lot of outdoor activities, from rock climbing to biking to skiing and snowboarding.

Hikers often face trails and conditions where extra support is extremely helpful. For wildlife watching just about anywhere in the world, a good pair of binoculars is essential, and makes a great gift for outdoor lovers.

These affordable, lightweight binoculars are a great starting point for hikers or bird watchers who enjoy getting a closer look at wildlife, but there are several types of binoculars that come in a variety of zoom lengths and quality. Any hat will make a great gift, but this one by TrailHe comes in a bunch of colors and is super lightweight and breathable. An ENO DoubleNest Hammock is one of coolest gifts for outdoor lovers that you can give to a person or couple…especially hikers and campers.

Most outdoorsy people find pleasure in simply hanging out in the woods, and one great way to do that in comfort is with a Helinox Ultralight Chair. This foldable chair is super light and easy to carry, making it a perfect hiking or camping companion so you can sit and savor the best views along the way. This is obvious, but outdoor lovers will need something to protect them from the elements while camping. The Big Agnes Tiger Wall tent is lightweight and easy to set up, perfect for backpacking trips or walk-up campsites. Even in hotter climates, campers will usually want something to cover their body while sleeping.

A good, versatile sleeping bag and inflatable mat will come in handy for any outdoor lover. While hiking or camping, it is a LOT easier to cook things on a stove than on an open fire. The Jetboil Sumo camping stove system is small, lightweight, and compressible, perfect for backpacking or road trips for your favorite outdoor lover. Not going to lie, we think this is one of the coolest gadgets on our list: a camping mess kit that folds out into a piece dining set!

Your loved one can use it to cook and clean while hiking or camping, and it all collapses into one easy-to-carry piece they can use again and again. Leave No Trace is a big movement in the outdoor industry right now, and that includes trash from snacks and drinks. One of the best ways to support this great movement and the people who believe in it is by enabling good behaviors, and reusable silicone snack bags are a super simple and impactful gift that does so.

If your adventurous loved one has a dog or IS a dog…a hiking harness is a perfect gift for adventurous pups. This hiking dog harness has two small pouches for things like treats and toys, and is a comfortable alternative to a collar for long hours on the trails. Outdoor sports and activities can cause all kinds of muscle aches and pains. An Outside Magazine annual subscription is a fantastic gift for anyone who loves the outdoors and spends a lot of time outside on adventures.

National Geographic is THE magazine for adventure lovers, with a history of exploration that dates back to the s. Your loved ones can find some of the best, most inspiring landscape photography and adventure stories in every issue of National Geographic, making an annual subscription a fantastic gift that keeps on giving. You can buy your loved one a lifetime co-op membership or a gift card to let them choose their own adventures.

Garmin watches are basically the smartphones for outdoor people. Their newest version, the Garmin Forerunnercomes in a music and non-music version, and has a screen that shows you your stats for each run or hike. For those wanting a more integrated running watch that syncs with an iPhone, an Apple Watch can definitely do the trick. It can track your distance and speed through apps like Runkeeper, and can also sync with the music, messaging, and calls on your phone.

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A GoPro Hero Black is an excellent gift for the avid adventure lover who wants to document their time on the trails and in the water. Portable, weatherproof, and high-quality, a GoPro will help your favorite outdoor lover capture and relive their favorite moments on the trails again and again.

If your loved one is into photography or video and wants something that takes higher-quality images than a phone, a Sony a mirrorless camera is a perfect companion for outdoor lovers. The Sony mirrorless line is the best in class for compact, professional-grade cameras, and the a is the newest, most robust iteration of their a line.

Kay Rodriguez is the founder of Urban Outdoors. She's also the writer and photographer behind Jetfarer. When she's not writing furiously on her laptop or editing photos, you can find Kay running, hiking, paddling, or playing in the snow. Some of our posts include affiliate links.

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