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Peyton yawned wide, shuddering in the early morning chill. Kacie had the window open and the misty air had cooled their house down rapidly overnight. It was only eight in the morning, but it still felt way too early for anyone to be awake. She headed downstairs, shutting the bedroom door as quietly as she could so as not to wake Kacie. She knew Kacie had been up late last night, the faint sounds of Family Guy coming from the tv and a clinking spoon against mug continued well past when Peyton herself had gone to sleep.

Shuffling into the kitchen, she turned on the Keurig, already thinking about her first cup of warm coffee. Out of habit Peyton picked it up to put it in the dishwasher, before she noticed there was a small puddle of what was definitely coffee in the bottom. Her brows furrowed and she sniffed just to confirm her suspicions, and smelled the sweet and slightly sour smell of hours-old coffee.

Continuing her morning routine, her mind kept returning to the mug on the counter and the clinking noise she had heard off and on during the night. She definitely had some questions for Kacie, but they would have to wait. Kacie groaned quietly and stretched, her arm finding an empty space and cold sheets next to her.

She groggily opened her eyes and yawned, realizing that Peyton must have already left for work. She slowly got up and out of bed, her ankles being surrounded by their two cats, Dobby and Peeves. Breakfast time for the fluffs. She scooped some kibbles for them both and headed down the Have me punish your lesbian lover for some breakfast herself. She turned the Keurig on out of habit, not noticing that her favorite mug had been placed in the dishwasher. She went through her morning routine, wishing Peyton was still home to cuddle with before work. Working different shifts like this was a bit of a struggle for them both, but they knew they would make it work until something better came along.

Kacie left for work, smiling to herself at the sight of the beautiful Rocky Mountains and what a gorgeous day this was turning out to be. On the bus ride home Peyton took the bus to save gas, as did Kacie-just different bussesPeyton did a lot of thinking about the beginning of the beautiful relationship she shared with her girlfriend. She smiled to herself, remembering the awkward conversation that started it all. It had been weighing on Peyton and she wanted to get it off her chest and out in the open.

She already had really strong feelings for Kacie but she was scared that this part of who she was would scare the girl off. Just tell me what it is.

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Her stomach was in knots, but she really wanted to do this. She needed to. She was beginning to wonder if maybe this girl had committed a murder or something. However you need to. Peyton nodded. Well…I guess…I guess what I want to tell you is that in relationships…I like when there is a certain amount of control and…discipline. Like…where if I do something wrong, you would punish me and if. Kacie was silent for several seconds before replying.

Tell me more? Peyton felt a sharp twist in her chest and tried to keep her voice steady.

I feel like spanking can be useful for more than one thing. But for discipline. Like, say I do something dangerous, or fail a test in school or something. I would like…for you to spank me. Again, her words were met with a short silence.

Peyton started to laugh a little, her chuckle slowly growing into a full on laugh. Over time there were more conversations in which Peyton went more in depth explanation of what exactly domestic discipline would entail, and how it would work. Kacie was more than willing to try it, but was adamant about reminding her that she would need to be patient and help her along the way. They had decided that each person would have different needs and different means of discipline as well as ways of being disciplined.

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She needed the loss of control, the renewing feeling of crying her guilt and misbehavior away. However, after some deliberation, Kacie decided her own needs were a little different. It took awhile for Peyton to adapt, but it was new for both of them. As she stepped off the bus, Peyton had a feeling she was going to be revisiting those needs with Kacie over her knees later that night.

She had no idea what was causing it, but she really wanted it to go away. She headed home at the end of the day, slightly concerned about what she might be walking into. She opened the door and quickly shut it, making sure neither of the cats got out. Dobby especially liked to escape, and he was difficult to catch once he was out. She could hear Peyton upstairs, typing away at her computer.

Probably working on a paper or a homework asment of some sort.

She walked to the fridge and grabbed two beers, one for her and one for Peyton, before she headed up. She pushed the bedroom door all the way open, cursing the creak it always made.

Peyton stopped typing and looked up, the corner of her mouth turned up. She spun in her chair a little to face Kacie. How was work? Kacie grinned and set the beers down on the desk and knelt down to hug Peyton before replying. How has your day been? She stood up, stretching a little. Hey, how late were you up last night? Did I keep you up? Just out of curiosity though, what were you drinking last night?

Kacie tilted her head a little in thought and scrunched up her nose. What kind? I had regular coffee. Kacie was always more repentant and honest than Peyton. So before we start in on these beers, I think we need to have a little talk. Go ahead and get out of your work clothes and into your pajamas. Kacie shuffled off to the closet, pouting to herself. As she shimmied off her uniform, she thought briefly of trying to plead her way out of this.

Caffeine after work was never okay, unless Peyton specifically okayed it. Sighing, she stepped out of the closet and back into the bedroom, seeing Peyton in the punishment chair. She hung her head and stood in front of her, ready to get this over with. Kacie shuffled a little, slid her shorts to the floor, and answered quietly.

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The no caffeine after work rule. Got it? Peyton was considerably shorter than Kacie but this chair made it perfectly easy to have the longer girl bent over, without her legs and arms dangling awkwardly on either side. She had just enough height to touch the floor with her toes and the palms of her hands. She sighed happily to herself at the sight of the gorgeous ass that lay prone across her knees. Despite having to punish her girlfriend, Peyton never stopped admiring how beautiful and enticing her body was.

Kacie sighed softly and nodded, making her hands into gentle fists on the floor.

Peyton raised her hand and slowly delivered the first five smacks, alternating cheeks back and forth. The final smack was especially hard, centered across the middle of both cheeks.

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There was just a slight tint of pink on either side. That was your first 5.

She rarely cried during her punishments, but she became quiet, repentant, and almost spacey. She tapped it several times on each cheek, gently, before laying down two hard smacks rapidly, one to each side. A small whimper escaped her lips but nothing more. Peyton raised her arm and brought the brush down again, two more spanks landing with loud cracks.

The final one was aimed just like the round, right across the center. Before replying, Peyton brought the brush down again in the same spot, just slightly harder. Kacie howled but remained as still as she could, trying to be obedient. Peyton set the brush down on the floor, scooping up the paddle while she was leaning down.

These are your last five. Kacie flinched slightly but barely had time to think before the first strike landed, followed quickly by the second. Her vision was blurred by tears.

Take a deep breath. Kacie took several shuddering breaths before they finally caught and she took a long, deep breath.

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